Learn about the real world from mentors you can trust

Betterwise is an app designed for teens to develop real life skills. Explore hundreds of short video lessons at your own pace and prepare for life beyond school.

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Good management habits

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Maggie Klokkenga

Financial Planner and Coach

Saving for emergencies

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LM Stamper

Founder and Managing Director, Evermore Wealth

Importance of grades for college admission

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Mary Shaw Cabrera

Head Counselor, Plano ISD

If you can see it in your mind...

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Laura Silva

Vice President, Adjunct Professor, and Senior Accessible UX Design Lead

Be authentic and show your uniqueness

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Randy Trevino

College Readiness Consultant, Randy Trevino College Consulting

How many of your questions go unanswered?

Get real lessons from real people about the real world

Learn not just the what  but the how and the why.

Betterwise helps you...

Benefits of Betterwise

Minimize scrolling, maximize your life

Central learning hub

Central learning hub for life skills, college guidance, and career exploration

Learn healthy habits

Learn general principles and practices that promote lifelong healthy habits

Time crunch

Bite sized incremental lessons boosting ones understanding, confidence and self agency in minutes a day

Knowledge as self-care


Discover the best of what life has to offer with from a community of mentors and vetted professionals

Pace yourself

Designed to focus on what matters most at your own healthy pace

Put it to the test

Assessments that measure confidence and self-mastery over ‘traditional scoring and ranking’


What people are saying...

Don’t settle for systems designed for the masses. Build habits and skills that will help you define your personal life journey.

Right to the point

Read Ava's thoughts


16, California

I love that Betterwise lessons are super short and to the point. Learning about the real world early makes me more confident in the life I want to design for myself.

Short and sweet clips

Read Isaac's thoughts


15, Georgia

I love how the app fits so much useful information into such short videos. That’s really the way I learn best. And the takeaway questions after each video help me remember the key points.

College prep made easy

Read Elliot's thoughts


16, Virginia

Betterwise removes a lot of the mystery around so many topics we need to learn to function well as adults. Also having access to mentors who explain their careers is especially useful for me ahead of college.