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Explore an ever-growing library of amazing video content from Betterwise that empowers teens to tap into their full potential. Get access to bite-sized lessons and learn firsthand from a wide variety of experts.

How does Betterwise work?

Betterwise is a powerful, yet simple, digital learning application that seamlessly connects teens with mentor-instructed, on-demand lessons about the real world. Create the world you want by learning best practices on how to care for yourself and others by unlocking your power and full potential.

Life readiness beyond the classroom matters... a lot.

Many teens feel high school isn’t preparing them for the real world they will enter after graduation, leaving students feeling ill equipped to face certain challenges. The purpose of Betterwise is to expand the access of mentorship so teens build confidence for adulthood, and form habits that will lead to a better life.

How do parents participate?

We built Betterwise with both parents and students in mind.

Nurture Discovery

With 100% insight into your student's exploration, you are able to take the knowledge they've learned and help them practice, refine, and apply their skills.

Parent Portal

Stay in the loop about you teens' goals and interest. Receive real-time updates on their chosen topics, comprehension, and self-reported confidence scores.

What is the impact?

Adaptive learning

Our platform grows with your teen and the times, providing relevant mentorship to guide them through their journey into adulthood. Through easily accessible content on a variety of topics, we strive to make growing up smoother and more successful.

Boost problem-solving skills

Exposure to healthy habits

With an abundance of resources, the library aims to empower kids and young adults with valuable information for paving a brighter future. Developing healthy habits early on is key in helping young people cultivate meaningful interactions with their world and build strong foundations from which they can grow.

Measuring meaningful metrics

Personalized bi-weekly reports can provide you with invaluable insights into your students' engagement levels. These actionable insights can help you better support your teens' learning, encourage personal growth, and boost their confidence. Stay on track with your students' progress, and make informed decisions with our guidance.

Addressing inequities in opportunity and achievement

Launching a one-stop “digital learning hub” for life skills supports our efforts to expand opportunity centric education to the eyes of any person. We strive to create access to the tools and knowledge to be better citizens of the future.

How is Betterwise different?

Compare Betterwise to...
Online tutoring
1:1 mentorship
Life skills designed learning hub
Flexible, self paced curriculum
Proven expertise and vetted professionals
Insightful analytics and user engagement reporting
Unlimited access with membership

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